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Urbanization and the Environment in Nigeria.

Urbanization and the Environment in Nigeria.... Read more

The Political Economy of Kidnapping in Nigeria.

The Political Economy of Kidnapping in Nigeria.... Read more
Social and Behavioural Aspects of Tropical Diseases in the context of a Primary Health Care Approach ID 800432.... Read more
The role of patient education in the treatment of Onchocerciasis in a rural Nigeria community.... Read more
Risk Factors Associated with Diarrhoea diseases in a rural Nigerian Community.... Read more
PHC Mobilization and Intervention in Suleja and Rafi Local Government areas of Niger State Nigeria.... Read more
Review of the state of art and practice of Health Education in West Africa. Funded by the International Development Research Centre, Regional Office ... Read more
Audience Research on Family Planning, Beliefs Knowledge Attitudes and Practices ID-AF- NGA-38.... Read more
Testing the Effectiveness of Health Education and Communication Strategies to Encourage Patients' Compliance with Treatment Recommendations for Mectiz... Read more
A comparative study of perceived behavioural indicators of Child Abuse and Neglect among parents in Niger and Oyo States of Nigeria.... Read more
Needs assessment on educational information and communication component of the Essential Drugs Programme.... Read more
Evaluation of an Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) Educational Intervention in a Rural... Read more

Nigerian Community.

Nigerian Community.... Read more
Enhancing Local Government Capacity on Implementing Diarrhoeal Disease Programmes.... Read more
Developing of a Reporting Form for Illiterate Communities Related to Community Self treatment with Ivermectin.... Read more
The Economic Impact of Onchocerciasis in the Ibadan-Ibarapa Health Zone Oyo State, Nigeria, Part of a Multicountry Study of the Economic Impact of On... Read more
Validation of the Pictorial Community Self- Treatment Reporting Form.... Read more
Evaluation of a school based youth to youth Male Adolescent Reproductive and Counseling program.... Read more
A Training Approach to Improving HIV/AIDS Knowledge of Health Workers in Oyo State, Nigeria.... Read more
An Exploratory Study on Recording and Reporting Systems at the Community Level.... Read more