The Medical Education Partnership Initiative in Nigeria (MEPIN) is a consortium of six Nigerian Universities, two American Universities and an NGO aimed at improving the quality and quantity of medical graduands from the participating schools, increase research among students and faculty and improve retention of medical graduands in their home countries where they are most needed. MEPIN does not provide grants but helps to increase interest in, and facilitate access to grants by training. 

MEPIN UNN is the University of Nigeria partner in the MEPIN program located at Enugu state in Nigeria. In line with achieving our goals we are working closely with the University and its Teaching Hospital. This year has been very eventful for us at MEPIN UNN and we have carried on the following activities towards the attainment if our goals.

Towards our goal of improving the quality and quantity of medical graduands from the University, we are currently working with the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University to introduce AIDS/HIV health as a mandatory General Studies (GS) courses in the University’s academic curriculum. This is aimed at equipping every graduate from the University with basic knowledge of HIV/AIDS health.

In pursuance of our goal of increasing research among students and Faculty, we have sent a number of doctors from various departments of the Teaching Hospital in partnership with Hospital through the Chief Medical Director on trainings. The trainings include:

A team of ten doctors from various departments of the Hospital sent on training. The reason for the number of departments is to increase participation from the Teaching Hospital; some of the departments include the department of Medicine, Community Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics and others. The training was on ‘Responsible for the conduct of research’ and it was held at Ibadan which lasted from the 13th - 15th June 2011. A second team of four doctors from the departments of Pediatrics, Medicine, Psychology and Dermatology were sent to Ibadan for another training on ‘Manuscript writing fundamentals’ from 1st – 3rd August 2011. Both trainings were cascaded down to students and Faculty of the University on 22nd August and 15th December 2011 respectively with a total attendance of 130 participants who were given certificates on completion of trainings. We have also provided funding for the purchase of mannequins for the Skills Acquisition Laboratory at the College of Medicine University of Nigeria.

On increasing the interest in and facilitate access to grants by training, we have created more awareness on the existence grants through dissemination of posters, flyers and by word of mouth and thus encouraged participation by students and Faculty of the University.  MEPIN UNN is proud to announce that one of the two winners of MEPIN seed grant for year one was won by one of our doctors by the name of Ubani – Ukoma B.C. And this has had a very positive effect on the entire student and Faculty of the University.

Towards improving retention of medical graduands in their home countries, MEPIN UNN in an effort to tackle the brain=drain from the country has dispensed compulsory tracking questionnaires for final year medical students which were completed and returned by the students. The information gathered is stored in a database in order to track and monitor their careers growth and development with a focus on increasing retention.

MEPIN UNN is relentless in achieving its goals and would continue to strive to achieve all set out goals.